Carla-Joy Sisco


Travis County, Hays County
Caldwell County
Comal County, Bexar County


I will work to bring about policy changes that will build and add value to District 35 by fighting for what matters to the community. I will lead the charge on cutting edge skill building that will make available multiple paths to success. I will be your voice.

My priorities will center around advancement which will include the following key areas.

N – Neighborhood Services

Support community-based service centers – utilizing the Infrastructure Bill Title V - Research and Innovation – Section 25002 - Smart Community Resource Center

O – Our Education System Reform

I will fight for universal K-12 education (equal education opportunities)

I will champion school safety programs

Employing the Infrastructure Bill - Title I - Section 11119 - Safe School Routes provision

I will support bills in Congress that directly relates student loan debt, such as,

HR-6125 – Gives the Secretary of Education the authority to discharge certain student loan debt

HR-5890 – The Student Loan Borrowing ACT

W – Workforce Expansion

I will work to leverage segments of the new Infrastructure Bill and Jobs Act (HR-3684) to foster training that will help to boast and sustain the Texas economy. The following are examples of parts of the bill that I will leverage for District 35:

Title II – Rail – Subtitle B - Amtrak Reform

Section 22213 - Creating Quality Jobs

Title III - Research Technology and Education

Section 13007 - Workforce Development, Training and Education

Title III – Motor Carrier Safety

Section 23022 - Apprenticeship Program

Title V - Research and Innovation

Section 25019 – Local Hiring for Construction Jobs

Section 25020 – Transportation Workforce Development

These, and many other challenges are not just faced by the underserved, but by many working-class people who want the best for their family.

We live in the greatest nation in the world, and it will take Texas grit to progress. Vote to send me to represent us in Congress and I will not stop fighting for our interest.

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